“…These studies really do involve the whole family well. You can select from the recommended read-alouds for non-readers, although you might also read aloud other books just to enjoy them together. Recommended history books are a mix of fact books, historical fiction, and biography; many titles are classic literature. Science books include fact books, field guides, biographies, and nature/science related fiction…Dewey decimal call numbers are listed alongside recommended book titles, and books are listed in alphabetical and numerical order to minimize the time you need to spend hunting for library books.
…Multi-sensory activities suggested for your concentrated activity day are also great for involving all ages. In Birds of a Feather, one week’s activity suggestions begin with a family devotional from Scripture. (Each week’s activities begin with a devotional.) Following the devotional, you might create a bird feeding station, construct a simple birdbath, start a nature journal, research your state bird, make a scarecrow, or make hummingbird nectar.
…Once-A-Week unit studies are a great way to try out unit studies, and they also make it easy to incorporate the excellent Boy Scout Merit Badge booklets into your curriculum. ”
Cathy Duffy / Curriculum Consultant and author of 100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum
We have thoroughly enjoyed our time and experiences following the Birds of A Feather unit study!  What a wonderful study to have chosen for our first year of homeschooling and the beginning of our Homeschool Legacy!
While we learned all facets of birds in this study, such as what they eat, when they migrate, their various characteristics and habitats, and calls and behavior, what we didn’t expect to gain was a greater appreciation for our feathered friends! We are now in awe of these beautiful creatures that God must have so painstakingly created…each with it’s own unique design and purpose in mind….much like he created us! Thank you for putting together such a well planned unit study that allowed us the freedom to simply learn!
We enjoyed all the suggested activities and book recommendations and I really appreciated the library call numbers to each book.
I personally looked forward to the devotions each week as they lay the ground work for family discussions and set the stage for our lessons.
Field trips, movie nights and of course the (Stump Your Dad) trivia brought our family together each week!
We will cherish the memories we made with this study and I know Colin will retain what he learned because he had so much fun doing so!  As he says, “Mom, I don’t want to ever stop learning about the birds!”
Thank you, sincerely!
The Evans / Homeschool Family

“When I received Knights & Nobles, right off the bat, I realized that this was going to be a great adventure…

We found this unit study to be easy to implement and full of quality literature and activities, not packed with time wasting, never ending lists to have to sort through – which is just what I needed.It is also flexible , which is another plus… Sharon has done her homework.”

Dana Cockrum / Homeschool Blogger Noggins & Nonsense

“We just completed the horse study and really enjoyed it.It was something my kids looked forward to each week. I was thrilled with this study! Sharon has put so much time and effort into these and it definitely shows.

We are beginning the medieval study this week and we are so excited about it.If you need a user-friendly, well put together, fun unit study, please help support this talented lady!”

Laura Freeman / Homeschooler

“We loved Christmas Comes to America. The girls’ favorite part was the hands-on activities.We did that every Tuesday with two other families and had a blast!I would love to get some of your other unit studies soon.

Thank you for a great study through Christmas. We will do it all over again next year.”

The Baynes / Homeschool Family
“Sharon has a passion to equip homeschooling families to leave a lasting legacy for their children that will be handed down from generation to generation.

Your family will be inspired and truly enjoy everything this great resource offers. As a professional educator, curriculum specialist, writer, editor, and homeschooling mom, I highly recommend Once-a-Week Unit Studies.

These studies are well planned, organized in a step-by-step manner and are easy to follow and teach. They are rich with exciting and insightful information and activities. Sharon’s conversational style makes you feel as if you have an expert right there with you. The subjects come alive for your children! The hands-on exploratory approach allows for the kind of adaptation to multi-level age groups that most homeschooling families need.

Sharon does not miss a detail as she encourages you along the path to learning. You will save hours and hours of research time with these delightful and easy to use studies. Sharon has done it all for you!”

MarthaJean Liberto / M.A., Education Freelance Editor, Western Publishing Curriculum Specialist, Homeschool mom of 23 years.

“I would love to recommend Native America to all homeschoolers.It is laid out so well that you can just have fun with it.

I love that the books are already listed and a fun trip to the library was all we had to accomplish to get started.

Since I have younger kids and beginning readers, we decided to take it slow.Our first adventure started with the Iroquois. We studied geography and daily life.

There are so many things you can do and all of the labor of organizing is already done for you. Sharon did such an awesome job!We are continuing this one this
summer so that we can go visit some places when the weather is nicer.

We are also looking forward to many new unit studies from Sharon.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work.”

Tracie Wallace / Homeschooler

“I want to tell ya…we had the best time with the Christmas study!The kids loved reading all about the different parts of the world and how they celebrate.I definitely learned a lot right along with them.I loved the Christmas traditions books and all the song books.We just had the best time with it!

Oh, and the hot chocolate….we made mix for our neighbors, family, and friends and everyone raved about it.Of course we had to keep a little for ourselves.My children said it was the best hot chocolate they had ever had.

We also made the wassail for our family Christmas with my side of the clan, and everyone loved it as well.And it made the house smell so good!

One of my favorite things about doing these studies is finding all the different books at the library….you do a fabulous job of finding so many great books to complement your studies.”

Laura Freeman / Homeschooler

“I am currently studying Mrs. Gibson’s unit study called Medieval Times (nowKnights and Nobles). It is wonderful!! I am not a big history lover, but this curriculum has made history so much fun!

I have found many interesting facts through studying, researching, reading books, and watching documentaries that are listed in the unit study. I have learned much about knights, including: armor, code of conduct, courtesy, tournaments, and battles.

The DVD’s have taken me to the beautiful European countryside and to medieval castles and have given me information on how castles were built and how people defended themselves from enemy attacks while protected inside the castle walls.

Now, with Mrs. Gibson’s unit study, I look forward to the new and exciting things I learn in history each week!

Thank you so much for writing these unit studies for people! I have really enjoyed the medieval times! I know that God is using you as a blessing to many through these unit studies!!!”

Bethany / (11th Grade)
“I have to tell you, we are just getting back from vacation in Kiawah Island in SC and I happened to pack the Weather Unit Study to read while I was there.I’m so glad I brought it, because we were able to jump right into it by tracking hurricane Irene! What a fabulous study!

I purposely got the Weather Unit Study because my son has had such a fear of the weather (particularly storms) that it has practically been debilitating for him.The scriptures you chose for this study are perfect and give him a reassurance of God’s purpose for our weather and how important it is for our survival here on earth.

I wanted him to have a greater appreciation for why it rains, snows, etc. and why we have storms, but at the same time also have him realize that God wants to keep us safe as well, and there are ways we can predict the weather to do so.

The experiments and activities are great as well and we are anxious to get going on them!Thank you for these well written and well planned out Unit Studies!”

Amy Evans / Homeschool Mom
” We are loving our Weather Unit Study, we are approaching week 5 and my 7 year old just loves it.We normally take Fridays off but this week had an appointment in the week that wouldn’t allow us to take off Friday completely.When I told him we’d have to do weather on Friday, he excitedly exclaimed, “Yessss!!”He loves tracking the hurricanes, and is charting out their latitude, longitude, and wind speed.He has made his weather journal and shows it to his grandparents regularly!I love the simplicity of the planning and the fact that they are Biblically centered.The scriptures that are selected for each chapter provide an opportunity for deeper discussion and that has been great!We cannot wait to start doing the Early Settlers unit in a few weeks (and I personally am looking very forward to the Christmas Comes to America study!).

I am SO glad that the ladies at HINTS fair directed us to your booth, your studies have really energized our homeschooling experience–it gives all of us something to look forward to!I can’t tell you how great it was to see my husband helping my son track hurricanes one night, one on one together without me even in the room!Wow!We love it!

Thanks so much for all your work on these GREAT studies! ”
Nicole Tallent-Smith / Homeschool Mom

“I highly recommend these unit studies! We have Trees (now Forest for the Trees) that we are also using for our 4H project for the year. My children are at different levels and these unit studies are perfect for that!

Last week we received Early Settlers and plan on diving into that in November….hopefully with a trip to Jamestown thrown in! A lot of work and time has obviously gone into these and I’m thankful for a resource like this to use!! Thanks Sharon!!”

Joy Capps / Homeschooler

“I applaud Sharon Gibson’s Once-a-Week Unit Study series. Designed to aid both the homeschool teacher and students, I find her many positive, helpful features will take the boredom and monotony out of the the “classroom.”

Proving that learning is constructive, helpful, and fun, Sharon approaches education with enthusiasm and flexibility. The variety of suggested assignments and readings qualify the thoughtfulness and experience of this successful, veteran homeschool mom. These unit studies will add big pluses to the student’s curriculum and they contain enough useful and relevant information for a lifetime!

I recommend Once-a-Week Unit Studies as much for teachers with little experience as those who have been homeschooling for years. They will liven up the learning experience and challenge the students by reflecting knowledge and values through the abundance of information and examples Sharon has pulled together.

I wish this would have been available when I was a homeschool mom. Or, should I say, “I wish I were a kid again!”

Barbara Mang / Former public school educator and homeschool mom