Founded in 2013, Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered, outdoor adventure organization for boys. It is an exceptional program and is experiencing explosive growth throughout the United States. To find out more about Trail Life USA and to find (or start) a troop in your area, we invite you to visit

Are you already a Trail Life USA scout? Congratulations! You have made an outstanding choice! Homeschool Legacy and Once-a-Week Unit Studies would be honored to help you on your scouting journey. Older scouts, by way of your Design Your Own Badge option, will find Once-a-Week Unit Studies to be a useful resource in helping you earn badges. To find out more about the Design Your Own Badge option, see chapter 19 of the Trailman’s Handbook. Then, simply choose one of our many fun studies to get you started and well on your way to designing and naming your own badge!

Are you a Trail Life USA leader? We invite you to peruse Once-a-Week Unit Studies and Once-a-Week Micro-Studies. Choose one that would align nicely with a topic(s) you are planning to teach your younger scouts. You will find Once-a-Week Unit Studies to be a helpful leader resource, as they are chock-full of easy-to-follow, step-by-step assignments and activities, and will thereby eliminate the need for you to come up with ideas on your own.