Snow Cream for Breakfast!

What do you serve for breakfast in a magical, winter wonderland?  Snow cream of course!

For those of us living in the South, life comes to a screeching halt when snow begins to fall.  Businesses close and whole families, not just children,  enjoy a snow day!  Dixie is hushed and our lives put on hold as we celebrate our families and God in all of his blanketed glory.

Celebrations in the South somehow always seem to  revolve around food, and this morning’s snow celebration was no different. So, taking advantage of our newly fallen snow, we gathered the ingredients listed in our Weather on the Move unit study and whipped up a delicious batch of vanilla-flavored snow cream…for breakfast!  Hey, sometimes you just gotta break the rules and live a little!

Do you find yourself in the midst a winter wonderland today? May I suggest starting your day with a delicious bowl of snow cream? Your family will think you’re the absolute greatest!

Gather 1 gallon fresh packed  snow (the non-yellow kind works best).

snow cream 001

Stir in 1 cup fine, granulated sugar, 1 Tbsp. vanilla, and enough

heavy cream or half and half (2 or more cups) for desired consistency.

snow cream 002

snow cream 003

snow cream 004

Quickly stir together for a smooth ice cream consistency.

Taste. Adjust amounts of sugar and vanilla to your liking.

snow cream 005

Serve immediately.

snow cream 006

I promise…Kids of all ages will love it!

snow cream 007

5 thoughts on “Snow Cream for Breakfast!

    • says:

      I grew up in the Virgin Islands, so that’s an easy question to answer. Buy an ice cream machine and follow its simple, step-by-step instructions for making ice-cream. I make ice cream in the summertime that way. One of my favorites is strawberry and another is java chip ice cream.

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  2. Hannah Giddings says:

    I love this!! So delicious and fun to make!!
    Thanks for giving us the recipe!

    EVERYONE should try this! 🙂

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