Tiramisu Homeschooling

Are you familiar with the dessert tiramisu? It’s a luscious, Italian confection constructed of coffee-dipped lady fingers, layered with a delectable, whipped concoction of eggs, sugar, cocoa, and Italian mascarpone cheese. But, the actual translation of the word tiramisu means “wake me up,” “cheer me up,” “lift me up,” or “pick me up,” depending on who you ask. Either way, the result is still the same. If you’re in need of a brighter outlook, a shot of energy, and a self-indulgent moment, tiramisu is sure to do the trick!

We homeschoolers love our kids and honestly love what we do (most of the time). We start off the year like the Energizer Bunny, but as the year progresses we inevitably find our batteries in need of charging. Come late-winter, in fact, the whole family is usually ready for a serious “pick me up!”

And, let’s face it…the same thing day after day, no matter how good it is, can become tiresome and monotonous. That’s where indulging ourselves and making a few, simple changes can wake up our home school and give us a fresh new outlook!

1. Take a hike! You and the kids have been cooped up all winter. It’s time to put away the books and explore nature. It’s okay…your kids will still be discovering, learning, and getting P.E…all at the same time. Besides, the oxygen will wake up everybody’s brains!

2. Reward your kids with a sundae dinner for all their hard work. No, that’s not a typo. Nobody ever has room for a sundae after dinner, so why not have it for dinner? Your kids won’t die. In fact, they’ll think you’re the greatest mom in the whole world!

3. Enjoy an educational game day.

4. Watch some movies based on a historical time period.

5. Are you in the middle of reading a great book to your kids? Are they begging for “just one more chapter?” Why not spend the whole day finishing it, while sipping a cup of hot cocoa or sharing a big bowl of popcorn?

6. Do you need an extra big slice of tiramisu? Then treat yourself to a unit study. Choose one of particular interest or one that complements a topic you’re already studying. If you are anything like me, you’ll have just as much fun as your kids!

7. Have you read Wacky Wednesday, by Dr. Seuss? If not, your local library probably has it. After reading it to your kids, plan a Wacky Wednesday homeschool day. Get them involved in the planning process. What ideas can your family come up with to make it both wacky and educational?

Wacky Wednesday

8. Take a field trip.

9. Do you know another family who also needs a “pick me up?” Why not invite them over for a tiramisu homeschool co-op day? It’s not necessary for your families to be learning about the same topics. Simply, have each child give an oral presentation in the morning about something (or someone) they’ve been studying, enjoy a pot luck lunch together, and spend the afternoon at a park.

10. Or, just simply change up your studies a bit…

Is there another way you can teach math for one day? For instance, you could teach addition, subtraction, and money denominations by setting up a virtual store. Have them pay for anything they want or need that day, using Monopoly money or coins from a change jar. Or, how about teaching them fractions while baking together?

Monopoly money

For a fun language assignment, they might write some silly sentences or a creative story using that week’s  spelling or vocabulary words.

For history or Bible they could plan and perform a skit pertaining to what they’ve been learning.

Do you tend to stick to text books for reading assignments? Instead, why not have them choose and read a library book that pertains to what they’re studying?

Is there a documentary or historical movie they could watch that would make history more interesting?

Tiramisu homeschooling is about layering multiple, delectable ingredients, and delighting yourself in an extraordinary change of pace. It’s about waking your children to the joy of learning and giving your home school a major pick-me-up. And, as intimidating as some gourmet recipes might first appear, this particular one is really, quite simple. Enjoy every bite!


Tiramisu image is from Flickr.com and Wikipedia.com