Lewis and Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea

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Your kids will feel like they are on the expedition as they blaze the trail with… Lewis & Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea.

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  • FUN, NO PREP, 7 week unit study


  • Appropriate for grades 2-12


  • Use only once-a-week


  • Enjoy outstanding, library reading selections and fun, family read-alouds


  • Enjoy family devotionals that focus on a variety of character traits including diligence, preparedness, perseverance, joy, and faithfulness


  • Make and maintain a history timeline notebook


  • Discover the colonies of New France and the French explorers who settled them


  • Learn about the beaver and the part it played in westward expansion


  • Discover the ancestors of present day Louisiana Cajuns


  • Cook a classic Cajun meal


  • Investigate the link between Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Louisiana Purchase


  • Meet Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery


  • Learn geography while making a topographical map and charting the expedition’s journey


  • Learn about plants and animals while keeping a nature journal as Lewis & Clark did


  • Meet the various Native American nations who helped the expedition succeed


  • Converse in Indian sign language


  • Build a model Mandan Indian lodge


  • Enjoy fun, educational field trips and creative writing assignments


  • Discover the Continental Divide and the effect it had on the Lewis & Clark expedition


  • Watch interesting documentaries


  • Get to know Yellowstone and the corps member who discovered it


  • Meet artist Thomas Moran


  • Play Twenty Questions and Stump Your Dad Trivia


  • Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? Boy Scouts earn their Nature Merit Badge while completing Lewis & Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea with the rest of their family.


  • American Heritage Girls earn the majority of their Nature & Wildlife Badge



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Paperback, Downloadable Grab-N-Go

Table of Contents

Week 1: New France

Week 2: Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Louisiana Purchase

Week 3: Fixing for a Start

Week 4: Sacagawea Joins the Corps!

Week 5: Trials and Tribulations

Week 6: Ocean in View! Oh the Joy!

Week 7: Homeward Bound


3 reviews for Lewis and Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea

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