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Westward Ho! Part I

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Load up your wagon! Discover the extraordinary times of adventurous frontiersmen and brave pioneers as you travel cross-country along the Erie Canal,  Oregon Trail, and even “remember the Alamo” in Westward Ho Part I.

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  • FUN, NO PREP, 5-week unit study
  • Appropriate for grades 2-12
  • Enjoy family devotionals that revolve around your unit study
  • Children choose from a wide variety of quality, library reading selections that focus on famous frontiersmen, American folk heroes, pioneer life and travel, early Texas history, the life and times of James K. Polk, and the Oregon Trail.
  • Enjoy classic family read-alouds
  • Create and maintain a history timeline notebook
  • Map your way across the USA as you follow in the footsteps of brave pioneers and discover the interesting twists and turns of how America expanded her borders
  • Get to know adventurous pioneers and beloved American folk heroes
  • Write your own tall tale and other creative writing assignments while exploring the subject of journalism
  • Discover the engineering feats of the steamboat and the Erie Canal
  • Enjoy arts & crafts while building a model log cabin, making a pioneer lantern, and creating your own commemorative postage stamp
  • Prepare a meal of pioneer stew, Johnny cakes, and homemade butter
  • Learn about Texas’ struggle for freedom as you remember the Alamo!
  • Investigate the life and times of James K. Polk and the vital role he played in America’s westward expansion
  • Discover Samuel Morse and his amazing system of dots and dashes while writing a “secret code” to a friend
  • Learn about the Oregon Trail
  • Meet the founding fathers of Utah
  • Take interesting field trips
  • Enjoy family movie nights that revolve around your unit study
  • Have some fun with “Stump Your Dad Trivia”
  • Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will earn his Journalism Merit Badge while completing Westward Ho I & II with the rest of his family.
  • American Heritage Girls earn Our Heritage badge while completing Westward Ho! I & II.



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Paperback, Downloadable Grab-n-Go

Table of Contents

Week 1: Frontiersmen

Week 2: Pioneer Life

Week 3: The Lone Star Republic

Week 4: The Life and Times of James K. Polk

Week 5: The Oregon Trail


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